Here at DSUK we are celebrating International Women’s Day by announcing the launch of our Women’s Only Groups once snow centres re-open .

New, this year, we will be running some Women’s Only Groups. The main difference between these groups and other on-snow activities run by  is that all the people in the group will identify themselves as female. Designed to develop skills in a women only group they are intended to give a supportive environment and hopefully attract more female skiers to take part in snow sports.

Many women lack confidence both to speak up and in their ability. A women only group encourages them to participate more, talk about and voice their fears. This can really help progress the persons skiing or snowboarding.

Women encourage each other giving a sense of empowerment which increases the persons confidence. A relaxed learner will take in so much more in an encouraging, supportive environment.

‘The group dynamic is somehow different’

Not only does an encouraging, supportive environment help with learning, watching and learning from each other’s mistakes is all the more relevant when everyone in the group is female.

There’s a mutual understanding and a sense if “if they can do it so can I”.

Too often, group sessions can be dominated by a small number of people who want to go faster, be more adventurous, have more danger. Not everyone wants to ski or snowboard like this and it can be very intimidating for people that want to learn by steady progression. Women can often, unknowingly, feel an internal pressure when skiing or snowboarding when skiing with men, to almost show off.

‘I was really surprised at how I felt zero pressure from anyone else or myself. I improved in a way that just isn’t there when guys are around’.

Women can be incredibly supportive of each other, regardless of skill level, and teamwork can help see some incredible skills learnt by people who had no idea how much they can achieve.

Women’s Only Ski Groups are not only great fun, but a great environment for bonding, learning and understanding. Why not give one a try?

Rosemary Beale,

DSUK's Skiers and Snowboarders Involvement Group

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