DSUK Hemel Local Group

DSUK Local Groups exist to enable our skiers and boarders to practice what they have learned during lessons. They provide a safe, fun and social environment to ski and snowboard with other adaptive snowsport enthusiast. 

DSUK Hemel Local Group has been running since The SnowCentre, Hemel opened in 2009 and has vastly grown over the past ten years. The group has a wide range of skiers using mono-skis, dual-skis, bi-skis as well as standup skiers and snowboarders. They are able to continue to grow the group with a good reserve to DSUK equipment available.  

They welcome new volunteer helpers looking to get involved as helpers are vital to the group. They also have a good record of helpers going on to become adaptive instructors and many adaptive instructors helping out at their monthly sessions.  

Our Committee



Peter thorpe

Slope Organiser

Alysha Atkinson


Claire Fenlon

Welfare Officer

Group information

Who is main Point of contact?

Peter Thorpe - slope organiser

What time does the group meet?

the Group meets from 4pm until 6pm
(you can ski for either one or two hours)

when does the group meet?

The evening of the last sunday of the month

How to join?

Contact peter thorpe, slope organiser, using the contact button above

How to find us

The Snow Centre
St Albans Hill,
Hemel Hempstead,