#SkiBay4DSUK is an easy way to raise funds and make a difference for disabled and children adults across the UK. Every £1 raised.

Simply get listing your unloved gear on eBay and nominate Disability Snowsport UK as your charity with anything from 1% to 100% of the sale proceeds donated to the charity when your item sells.

The campaign asks people to upload their unwanted items to eBay by selecting ‘Make a Donation’ to Disability Snowsport UK  (The Uphill Ski Club of Great Britain) as they aim to make sure more disabled children and adults can be part of our brilliant snowsport community..
Ski Sunday Presenter and DSUK ambassador Ed Leigh, says “The fact one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms are helping a niche charity like DSUK is a major milestone – so help them make the most of it, if you’re buying anything on eBay, please donate what you can when you click to check out.

”Ed continues, “Perhaps even more importantly, we want more skiers and snowboarders across the country to dig through the back of your wardrobes and attics and list any of your unwanted gear on eBay.

“You can then choose a percentage of your sale to be donated to DSUK.“

The campaign is working brilliantly but we need more people to sell more stuff.“

There are millions of snowsports lovers in Britain and I’m sure we all have gear we no longer use that could find a new lease of life with a new owner – which is obviously great for the planet – and by selling your stuff for DSUK, you can really help make a major difference to the future of disability snowsports in Britain.“

So go rummage through your garage and get selling your stuff.”

Donate your items via the DSUK eBay page and browse Disability Snow Sport to discover more.

DSUK guide on how to sell on eBay with DSUK being a beneficiary of the sale.