#SkiBay4DSUK - calling on skiers and snowboarders to donate unloved clothing and equipment

The UK’s leading adaptive snowsport charity, Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK) have launched their new #SkiBay4DSUK campaign - calling on skiers and snowboarders throughout the United Kingdom to sell their unwanted winter equipment and items of clothing - to help raise thousands of pounds in vital funds - as the charity aims to double the number of lessons provided for  disabled children and adults in Britain in2023. Your support will help disabled people to be more active, make friends and have fun by taking part in snowsport.

The campaign asks people to upload their unwanted items to eBay by selecting ‘Make a Donation’ to Disability Snowsport UK  (The Uphill Ski Club of Great Britain) as they aim to create the UK’s biggest online second-hand store for skiers.

Backed by snowboarder and Ski Sunday Presenter, Ed Leigh, he says “Research has shown there’s more than 6.3 million skiers and snowboarders in Britain. With so many skiers on our tiny island, we’re bound to be hoarding a lot of unwanted stuff! Just imagine if of only 1.5% of those Brits donated just £1 from the sale of that unwanted stuff, it would help DSUK deliver thousands more lessons to disabled skiers across the country annually.”

Ed continues, “We are calling on winter sports fanatics up and down the nation back our #SkiBay4DSUK campaign and upload their unwanted gear to eBay - making a donation of their choice to DSUK – obviously the bigger the donation, the more adaptive skiers we can help. It’s that simple.”

Ed says, “It’s also a no brainer for the planet – by keeping our stuff in circulation rather than throwing it away or letting it collect dust, we are all helping are to make winter sports more sustainable – and raising money to empower disabled people to share in the sports we all love. It’s a win-win for the planet, for skiers, for the charity, for everyone – so get selling your stuff folks and do it for DSUK!”

CEO of DSUK Virgina Anderson says, “It’s a simple idea but can help make a huge difference to a niche charity like DSUK. It’s no secret that the effects of the pandemic have been devastating to the charity sector and especially to a small organisation like ours – but by launching our new #SkiBay4DSUK Campaign we want to become the biggest online second-hand shop for skiers in the country.”

She continues, “Ultimately we want this campaign to put DSUK front of mind to every winter sports enthusiast in the country - so when a skier lists an item for sale on eBay, DSUK are always considered for some percentage of their item to be directed to helping more disabled people get involved on the slopes too.”

Virginia says “The beauty is, items listed don’t all have to be ski related – donations can be made from the sale of anything! But if we can reach as many skiers and snowboarders in the country as we can and encourage them to support us in this campaign – it will have a significant impact on offsetting the challenges incurred by Covid-19 and help us move forward to double our reach this winter –where our ultimate goal is to provide everyone with a disability in Britain the opportunity to try Snowsports – and experience the benefits the sport can have on empowering people with disabilities on and off the ski slope.”

Melissa Sellwood, Head of eBay for Charity says “We are proud to support the #SkiBay4DSUK campaign. Through eBay’s online shop window, DSUK’s campaign will reach a global customer base of over340 million viewers, which we hope will double the support they can offer in the coming year. DSUK work hard to empower those with disabilities through Snowsports, and we are thrilled that we can help them boost their fundraising and put their goals into action.”

Supporters are encouraged to join the conversation and share their eBay listings on social media, using the hashtag #SkiBay4DSUK  

Donate your items via the DSUK eBay page here and www.disabilitysnowsport.org.uk to discover more.

DSUK guide on how to sell on eBay with DSUK being a beneficiary of the sale

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#SkiBay4DSUK - calling on skiers and snowboarders to donate unloved clothing and equipment