DSUK Luxury Lockdown Lotto

You asked for a raffle and boy did we deliver?! Check out DSUK’s Luxury Lockdown Lottery. Be warned, some of the incredible prizes may cause skiers to get a little piste….

Many of us across the world are feeling trapped in our homes and are no longer able to experience life as we used to only a few weeks ago.  Even if we manage to leave our homes, the outside world might not be able to meet our needs, and many of us are experiencing anxiety when weighing up the risks associated with stepping out of the front door.

For lots of Disability Snowsport UK’s skiers and snowboarders these were the challenges they faced before COVID-19, challenges that DSUK has helped them to address.  

When DSUK started in the 1970s, the goal was to use snowsport for rehabilitation. Since then we have learnt it means even more than that to our participants and their families. On top of bringing physical, mental health and social benefits that translate into other areas of their lives, it means freedom. Working with DSUK, disabled people get to choose their line, their speed, and get to feel the exhilaration of ice-cold wind on their face as they learn to master the mountain.

Some of our skiers and snowboarders belong to high-risk and at-risk groups and are facing enhanced restrictions and isolation because of the current crisis.  We want to ensure they can enjoy a sense of freedom as soon as it is safe to do so, rebuilding confidence, independence, social networks and health benefits that they may have lost.

COVID-19  has hit all of us hard, and we are no exception. Because we’re unable to run lessons and had to cancel critical fundraising events, our income has dropped significantly – and we need whatever support you can give.

We believe that the British snowsport community is caring and inclusive, and we’re confident you’ll help us to continue our vital work. A total of 1.5 million people made it to the mountains last season. It would only take a small donation from each one of those people to support the benefits that snowsport can bring to disabled people across the UK.

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