Changes to subsidies

Good afternoon

After five long months we’re delighted to announce that next week welcomes the reopening of DSUK’s Snowsport schools. Our schools at the SnowDome in Tamworth and Snow Centre in Hemel are the first to reopen and we are able to start delivery as early as next week. We continue to work with our partners at the Chill Factore in Manchester and Snow Factor in Glasgow and are hoping to confirm their reopening dates shortly.

As a valued member of DSUK I wanted to let you know of some changes that you will notice as we begin to reopen.

Lesson pricing and subsidy programme

As I said in my email which I hope you received on 14th August, we have developed a new interim strategy that we will work to for the next 9-12 months. An important part of this is to ensure that adaptive snowsport is available to as many disabled people as possible, not just those who can afford to cover the full cost of the sport.

Last year we changed how we applied subsidies to our holidays. This change saved the charity much-needed funds and meant that we had more subsidies available for those who most benefit from them. We are now changing how we apply subsidies to our lessons. This means that from next week, when you visit our website you will notice a significant price increase. Please do not panic, this does not necessarily mean that you will pay the new advertised price.

Why is this happening?

Up to now DSUK has automatically subsidised each lesson, but we know that some of our customers would like to be given the opportunity to further contribute towards the cost of their lesson, as opposed to automatically receiving a subsidy. As it did with the holidays, this change will make sure that DSUK is able to offer subsidies to people who might otherwise not be able to access snowsport.

What does this mean for me?

It is likely that you don’t know that each lesson that you have taken with DSUK has been subsidised by at least £32 per lesson. This is because subsidies were applied automatically to each lesson.

The intention behind applying the subsidy was to reduce the cost of your private lesson closer to what a non-disabled person might pay for a group lesson. Group lessons are not always suitable for disabled skiers and snowboarders and so wherever it is possible, it remains our goal to be able to reduce the cost of lessons in this way.

Subsidies will no longer be applied to lesson bookings automatically. Instead, subsidies will be added to your membership profile.

Members of DSUK who would like to continue to benefit from subsidies can request three levels of subsidy: £12, £22, or £32 per lesson.

I would like to state for complete clarity that any subsidy applied to your account will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not affect the lesson quality, availability, or which instructors are available to you in any way. We continue to be guided by our values and hold ourselves accountable to them.

I do hope that you welcome this change to the subsidy programme and that I’ve explained the reasons for the change as best as I can in a short email. You are very welcome to contact the bookings team with any questions that you have. It is my intention to host another ‘Facebook Live’ next week where I can further explain these changes and other exciting developments that are coming to DSUK as we begin to reopen. I shall send a separate update on these changes (that include development lessons and membership benefits) in the coming weeks.

With heartfelt thanks for your continued support,

Mark Kelvin


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