DSUK Video Launch

We have been recently filming with Holmlands who have produced two fantastic new videos.

Our First Video from Holmlands is Adaptive skiing with Colin and Emily.

Colin and Emily are both brilliant skiers. They have cerebral palsy and other diagnoses which make some people believe that skiing isn't possible for them. In this video, they prove otherwise! Watch them as, supported by their instructor they turn the sit-ski by tilting their head. This movement shifts the weight and turns the ski, whilst their guide keeps them upright.

Our second video from Holmlands is Adaptive skiing with Graeme, Cheryl and Thomas.

Graeme, Cheryl and Thomas are all independent skiers but use very different adaptations.

Cheryl was born with a visual impairment and benefits from a guide. Graeme uses a Monoski after being involved in a road traffic accident, and Thomas is a stand-up skier who benefits from tailored lessons that allow for his autism and epilepsy.

All these skiers love skiing because it brings freedom and independence to their lives. This video shows how the snowsport lifestyle has changed their outlook on life

We are very excited about our new videos. We do hope you like them as much as we do!