This year DSUK is lucky to have 5 teams to take on Half Superhero Tri: 400m swim, 10k cycle, 2.5km push/run.

What is Superhero Tri?
It’s big. It’s bold. It’s gutsy. It’s the UK’s one and only disability sport event for the everyday Superhero and their family and friends! We asked our very own community of Superheroes to join our teams for this fantastic fundraising event.

Anything goes:
What’s brilliant about Superhero Tri is that there are no cut-off times and you can bring any kind of equipment you might need to help you complete the challenge, from flippers and floats in the water to electric and day chairs on the bike and push/run stages.

Dorney Lake’s waters are clean and calm, and the bike and push/run courses are on closed, level, tarmacked roads and pathways. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

The challenges are only the beginning. Set in 450 acres of spectacular parkland, everyone at this unique event is in for a real treat. There’ll be all kinds of entertainment and refreshments for Superheroes and spectators big and small. Plus parking is free of charge.

Registration for teams has now closed
but join us on the day and cheer on our Superheos! For any enquiries, please contact

Superhero Tri Event

9:00 AM


3:00 PM

Dornley Lake