Xiaohaituo Mountain Challenge 2022

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Will you do 11km a day to help more disabled children and adults enjoy the fun, freedom and fitness of adaptive snowsport? From Xiaohaituo to Cairngorm: “why shouldn’t a wheelchair be on top of a mountain?”

While our favourite athletes are competing this year in Bejing for winter sport titles, you can test yourself in a new DSUK Xiaohaituo Mountain Challenge!


What's the Challenge?

Xiaohaituo Mountainis this year's venue for disciplines like Alpine Skiing in winter Olympics andParalympics. The Xiaohaituo Resort has 11km of slopes and we challenge you totake on that distance every day for 10 days. You can walk, wheel, run, skate,cycle, ski or whatever works for you, reaching the 11km each day! You can do itindoors or outdoors (our recommendation is always the outdoors!), you can alsopick a team to do it with you. Whatever you choose, you will be supporting DSUKto remove barriers to adaptive snowsports!


Individual Challenge: 11km daily, whether it's walking, wheeling, cycling or other

Team Challenge: 11km daily, split between the team.


How to join the Challenge?

Register here.

There is no entryfee to join the challenge, but all participants are kindly asked to raise a fundraising target of £200 for individuals, or £500 for teams.


How to Fundraise?

Join our campaign onJust Giving and click - Start Fundraising to start your own page! Remember to personalise your page, add your story and reason for taking part and share with your friends and family!


When is the Challenge?


You can join the Challenge anytime between February and March for 10 consecutive days.


Who can join the Challenge?


Anyone! The flexible options allow for anyone, with any fitness levels to join in. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take on the individual challenge, there is always a team option!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on all our lives. Disabled people, who routinely experience problems of access in everyday life, have faced even greater challenges than most. The loss of local services together with extended periods of isolation have taken their toll on physical and mental health. Skiing and snowboarding is helping people rebuild fitness, wellbeing and confidence.

Disability Snowsport UK’s dream is of mountains and slopes free from barriers, where disabled people can learn and take part with family and friends and peers. We work to remove barriers so that snowsport is accessible for everyone; regardless of disability, injury or experience

Every penny raised through the Xiaohaituo Mountain Challenge will help make this dream a reality and support your local snowsports schools, so that people can experience joy and better wellbeing.

If you have any more questions about this challenge, contact our Ada: Ada.Konkolska@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk