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DSUK wants to invite all supporters, members, snow sports enthusiasts and anyone who wants to take part, to host a global Alpine Lunch between 15th of November and 13th of December to help us raise the vital funds for DSUK and spread the #powerofpowder! To launch DSUK month of Alpine Lunches and give you inspiration for your own lunch, we invite you all to take part in the live, engaging pasta making class kindly donated by pasta master, Pasta Pietro. Everyone hosting their own lunch will receive £5 discount for the cooking class with Pietro!


Last year saw disabled communities disproportionately affected by the global pandemic while DSUK schools shut their doors. According to The Health Foundation, disabled people were more likely to feel lonely and anxious. 42% of disabled people said their mental health has worsened since the pandemic began as a result of being less active. Easing restrictions allowed DSUK to bring adaptive lessons back to slopes to continue positively impacting physical and mental health benefits and increasing self-confidence of our skiers and snowboarders, which is more important now than ever before. This winter, we invite our supporters to gather your friends, family or colleagues and organise an Alpine Lunch that will change lives of disabled communities across the UK and help DSUK tackle impacts of the pandemic.

How to Host Your Alpine Lunch?

Funky DSUK Alpine Lunch is a great way to kick off our favourite season! Whether your lunch is taking place in the office with your colleagues, on zoom, in a French chalet, or just in the house with your favourite people, make it matter!

Hosting your own Alpine Lunch couldn’t be easier! Just follow a few simple steps below:

  • Register your DSUK Alpine Lunch - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • Invite your friends, family, colleagues, even pets to join your Alpine Lunch. Feel free to add a fancy dress contest!  
  • Prep the coffees (or cocktails!) and food: you can ask all guests to bring a dish, order your favourite takeaway or cook the meal together!
  • Lunch focus – You can choose whether you want your lunch to be filled with fun and games, attendees’ inspirational mountain stories or learning a new skill together.
  • Share photos from your DSUK Alpine Lunch with our community and tag #powerofpowder #dsukalpinelunch #dsuk - we want to know YOUR interpretation of the Alpine Lunch! The best Alpine Lunch photo will win a special prize!
  • Think of how you will fundraise – Easiest way is to ask participants to donate the amount they would spend on lunch. If you enjoy a bit of competition, organise a great DSUK Bake Off, or a competition for the best pasta and charge people to try the dishes. You can also organise a raffle, or let you creativity go wild, as opportunities are endless!
  • Donate to DSUK Just Giving campaign page, or create your own fundraiser if you prefer!

Needing some inspiration? Check out some of our ideas below!

How to make it more ALPINE?

FANCY DRESS! We all love 80's skiing outfits! Don't be afraid to go all out, and we mean colours, sequins, and funky jumpsuits!

APRES SKI GAMES! The classic beer(or soft drink!)pong, jenga,  thumbs game... check out more ideas below!

FOOD! Wherever you slide, recreate one of your favourite dishes from resorts you visited! Are we all thinking Fondue...?

MUSIC! Did you know there are plenty of great classic Apres ski playlists on Spotify? Tune in to one of them to get that alpine feel!

STORIES! We could all share some crazy mountain stories. This is the time to share some laughs!

Check out some of the Apres Ski game ideas:


Announce the Thumbs Game and explain the rules. You start the game, and at some point in the future, you place a thumb DISCRETELY on the table. A soon as people start to notice your thumb, they must follow. The last person to put their thumb on the table loses and takes a forfeit (see our forfeits page). The loser then leads off the next round in their own time.


Everyone needs 3 coins (any coins). You all put your hands behind your backs and select 0,1, 2 or 3 coins in your right hand. Keeping your left hand behind your back, present the right hand, without revealing its contents. The aim of the game is to guess how many coins are in the middle. This will depend on how many people there are. For example if there are 4 people there could be a maximum of 12 coins and a minimum of 0.  

The leader starts by estimating how many coins are hidden in total in all the hands presented. So if there are 4 players the total could be anywhere between 0 and 12. The leader calls out a number and play moves round to the right, each player calling out in turn. No number may be repeated.

Once everyone has selected a different number, the hands are revealed. The person who correctly guessed the total (if anyone did) drops out. Play resumes, with the person to the left leading, until the ultimate loser is the last man in. It gets quite challenging when there are just two of you left and you're trying to bluff your opponent.

The loser has takes a forfeit.


Gather a group together and sit in circle or round a table. Burn the end of a cork (WAIT UNTIL IT COOLS BEFORE PLAYING)

Each person is given a number spot, e.g. number 1 spot, number 2 spot, etc. until every player has a number spot.

Starting from person number 1 spot, he recites "I'm number 1 spot, I've got no spots, how many spots has number # spot got", selecting a random player, then he has to recite the saying without error.

If the saying is not said in the correct way then that person gets a spot placed on their face by the burnt (and cooled) cork. Ultimately players make mistakes and someone always ends up with lots of spots and aching sides from laughing so much.


Get into a circle and start counting up to 21 around your group to your right. If you say just one number, the flow continues right. If you say two numbers, the flow reverses. Simple as that. The loser is the one who is forced to say 21.


If you need some inspiration for your alpine food recipes, check out these TOP 18 DISHES for your Alps visits!