DSUK @ Hillend

What to bring and directions for when you arrive at Hillend:

Please meet your instructor at Hillend reception. If the weather is cold or wet it is a good idea to bring warm and waterproof clothing too. There is no clothing hire available at Hillend. If you are standing up to ski, your instructor will take you upstairs to the rental desk to get boots and skis.  If you will be sitting to ski, there is a flat area next to the ski lift where you will transfer to the sitski.  Everyone needs to wear a helmet for their ski lesson, and if anybody is coming skiing with you they will need to wear a helmet too.  Helmets are available to borrow from Hillend for no charge.
There is a disabled toilet in the café building at Hillend – the lift goes from the right hand side of reception up to the rental area and you then need to go outside and into the building on the right, where you will find the disabled toilet and another lift up to the café.  Lockers are available for personal possessions – these take 20p coins and are non-refundable.
If you will require use of a hoist to transfer or to get changed, please let the office know when you are booking or email dsukcentralbelt@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk.
If you will be sitting to ski, please bring a friend or family member with you who can help you load the lift.  The lifts at Hillend are not staffed so we need somebody to help us load the lift and man the stop button in case of emergencies.  If you have any questions about this, please contact dsukcentralbelt@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk
Spectators can watch lessons from the café or from certain places by the side of the slope – please ask your instructor where will be best to watch from.

Directions by car:

Midlothian Snowsports Centre is just off the Edinburgh city bypass (see here for directions).  
There is free parking with a number of disabled spaces available.
There are steps or a ramp up to reception, where your instructor will meet you.  There is no need to tell reception you have arrived, your instructor will meet you there as soon as their last lesson finishes.

Louisa Oram is the ski school manager for DSUK at Hillend & Snow Factor Braehead.  She has been teaching skiing since 2008 and working for DSUK since 2013, at the Cairngorm ski school and Snow Factor as well as on activity weeks overseas.  She holds BASI adaptive level 2 and Canadian alpine level 2 ski instruction qualification.  

Louisa teaches lessons at Hillend, along with Lauren Henderson one of our free lance instructors. Louisa is available on Mondays and Lauren on some Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

If you would like to get in touch to discuss skiing with DSUK at Hillend, please contact Louisa via email: dsukcentralbelt@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk , or phone: 0141 886 7289.

To book and pay for lessons please call 0845 521 9338 or email lessons@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk
Based on 1 hour lesson £26 £36
(Lesson prices above subsidised by £10 per hour)
Group of 3 £48 £58
Group of 4 £59 £69
Group of 5 £70 £80
Group of 6 £81 £91
Group of 7 £92 £102