Adaptive Snowsport lessons - call 01479 861 262

We work to make sure that anyone with a disability, may it be learning, sensory or physical, can ski or snowboard alongside other people.

Worried about someone?
Contact our lead safeguarding officer on 07792 320 622, 01479 861 262 or
DSUK @ Cairngorm

What to bring and directions for when you arrive at Cairngorm:

Please meet your instructor at the DSUK Offices, next to the Day Lodge, on Cairngorm Mountain. If the weather is cold or wet it is a good idea to bring warm and waterproof clothing too. There is a limited supply of clothing available at Cairngorm for loan. If you are standing up to ski, your instructor will get boots and skis fitted up in the office.  If you will be sitting to ski,your instructor will fit your equipment and explain where you will transfer to the sitski.  Everyone needs to wear a helmet for their ski lesson, and if anybody is coming skiing with you they will need to wear a helmet too.  Helmets are available to borrow from Cairngorm for no charge.
There is a disabled toilet in the office building at Cairngorm.  Lockers are available for personal possessions.
If you will require use of a hoist to transfer or to get changed, please let the office know when you are booking or email
If you will be sitting to ski, it would be helpfuul to bring a friend or family member with you who can help you load/unload the lift.  If you have any questions about this, please contact as we can often provide helpers with this.
Spectators can watch lessons from the cafĂ© or from certain places by the side of the slope – please ask your instructor where will be best to watch from.

Directions by car:

Please use the following address to search for directions:  CairnGorm Mountain, CairnGorm Ski Area, Aviemore, PH22 1RB

Or visit CairnGorm Mountain website for directions:

David Thomas is the ski school manager for DSUK at Cairngorm.  He has been teaching skiing since 2008 and working for DSUK since 2014, at the Cairngorm ski school as well as on activity weeks overseas.  He holds BASI adaptive level 2 and BASI alpine level 2 ski instruction qualifications.  

If you would like to get in touch to discuss skiing with DSUK at Cairngorm, please contact David via email: , 

To book and pay for lessons please call 0845 521 9338 or email
How much does a lesson cost?

Our ski and snowboarding lessons are open to DSUK members and non-members.

Please click here to contact us for more information or if you wish to become a member to take advantage of DSUK member rates. 

All lessons prices below are based on 1 hour sessions. 1 and a 1/2 hour and 2 hour lessons are also available at a higher rate so please ask if you are interested.

Call the bookings line on 01479 861 262

Individual Lessons:

  Non-Member Member
Braehead (any time) £52 £42
Manchester (any time) £52 £42
Tamworth (any time) £52 £42
Hemel Hemsptead (Monday-Friday) £60 £50
Hemel Hempstead (Saturday-Sunday) £70 £60
Ski Buddy £1 Free

Private lessons for 2 people:

  Non-member Member
Braehead (any time) £72 £62
Manchester (any time) £72 £62
Tamworth (any time) £72 £62
Hemel Hempstead (Monday - Friday) £80 £70
Hemel Hempstead (Saturday - Sunday) £90 £80

Block Lesson Bookings
Members Only

  Block of 5 Block of 10
Braehead (any time) £189 £378
Manchester (any time) £189 £378
Tamworth (any time) £189 £378
Hemel Hemsptead (Monday - Friday) £225 £450
Hemel Hempstead (Saturday - Sunday) £270 £540

Block Lessons for 2 People (where appropriate, stand up only)

  Block of 5 Block of 10
Braehead (any time) £279 £558
Manchester (any time) £279 £558
Tamworth (any time) £279 £558
Hemel Hemsptead (Monday - Friday) £315 £630
Hemel Hempstead (Saturday - Sunday) £360 £720


Group/Shared Lessons

If you are part of a disability group or association it may be possible to book a group lesson, provided the skiers are stand-up skiers and therefore able to attend the same ski lesson together. 

Group Lessons (Stand-up)
Braehead, Tamworth and Manchester

                                               Non-Member          Member
Group of 3                                 £80.50                   £73.00
Group of 4                                 £94.00                   £84.00
Group of 5                                 £107.50                 £95.00
Group of 6                                 £121.00                 £106.00
Group of 7                                 £134.50                 £117.00

Group Lessons (Stand-up)
Hemel Hempstead

                                               Non-Member          Member
Group of 3                                 £104.50                  £97.00
Group of 4                                 £126.00                  £116.00
Group of 5                                 £147.50                  £135.00
Group of 6                                 £169.00                  £154.00
Group of 7                                 £190.50                  £173.00

All lessons prices are based on 1 hour sessions.  90 minute and 2 hour lessons are available.

We also have lessons available on the Hillend (Edinburgh) and Glenmore (Aviemore) dry slopes.  

Please see below for the Dry Slopes Price List based on one hour sessions:

Dry Slope Prices
Individual Lessons
                                                Non-member         Member
Hillend Dry Slope                           £46                    £36
Glenmore Dry Slope                      £31                    £26
Private lessons for 2
                                                 Non-member        Member
Hillend Dry Slope                           £57                     £47

Glenmore Dry Slope                      £37                     £32

Group Lessons (Stand-up skiers)
                                                  Non-member        Member
Hillend Dry Slope
Group of 3                                        £58                     £48
Group of 4                                        £69                     £59
Group of 5                                        £80                     £70
Group of 6                                        £91                     £81
Group of 7                                        £102                   £92
Glenmore Dry Slope             
Group of 3                                        £43                     £38
Group of 4                                        £49                     £44
Group of 5                                        £55                     £50
Group of 6                                        £61                     £56
Group of 7                                        £67                     £62
Cairngorm Prices

We also operate a Disability Snowsport UK Ski School on Cairngorm Mountain during the winter months 

Cairngorm lessons are for 2 hours to enable our skiers to make the most of their time on the mountain.

Private                                    Non-Member        Member
Lesson for 1                                     £85                    £75
Lesson for 2                                     £96                    £86

Groups                                    Non-Member        Member
Group of 3                                        £107                  £97
Group of 4                                        £118                  £108
Group of 5                                        £129                  £119
Group of 6                                        £140                  £130
Group of 7                                        £151                  £141

Ski Buddy (2 max)                Non-Member         Member
1 ski buddy                                      £10                     Free   
2 ski buddies                                   £20                     £10

Where are our ski schools?Where are our ski schools?
Cairngorm Mountain
Please note that our lessons on Cairngorm Mountain  are run in a different format, therefore the prices are set differently.

Please follow the link below for full price details for Cairngorm Mountain:

Cairngorm Price List 2016/2017

We do have some subsidies available for lessons on Cairngorm Mountain. These are dependent on age and on a first come first served basis. Please contact Rachel for more information via email ( or telephone 0845 521 9338 (charged at your local rate).
Adaptive SnowboardingAdaptive Snowboarding
Sponsor A Ski School Scheme

DSUK are looking for companies or individuals to sponsor a ski school and help reduce participation costs for disabled people to access snowsports.
The Sponsor a Ski School scheme allows companies or individuals to get involved with and support a ski school with Bronze to Platinum packages.
All packages have different benefits to the sponsor depending on the level of sponsorship. The benefits vary from advertisement, logos on jackets, team building days, access to ski with the British Disabled Ski Team on the slopes and many more.
Packages start at £1,200 a year for the Bronze package to £20,000 year for the Platinum package.
If you are interested in this exciting new opportunity or know a company that might be then please get in touch. More information available.