Local Groups

Local Groups offer the opportunity for recreational adaptive skiing. The groups enable members to ski together at dry slopes and indoor snow centres throughout the country. 

The groups have a wide selection of adaptive snowsport equipment, which, along with dedicated trained volunteers, allows skiers and boarders with a large range of disabilities to enjoy snowsports away from the formal setting of a lesson. This enables disabled skiers and boarders to practise what they have learnt during lessons or simply enjoy a few runs together in a friendly social group.

They are run by volunteers and seek to provide a safe environment for everyone taking part in the Local Groups' activities.
How can I fundraise for DSUK with my Local Group?
In order to support Local Groups and enable them to continue running their skiing and social activities, DSUK needs as much support as possible with fundraising.

If you are looking for ideas for fundraising, visit our fundraising pages. You can also contact our Fundraising Officer at  keira@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk or by phone on 01479 861 272.
How can I volunteer for a Local Group?
You can support Local Groups in various ways on the slopes and off the slopes.

If you want to become a helper in a Local Group for activities on the slopes, contact the Slope Organiser of your nearest Local Group or our Membership Officer at membership@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk

You can also support your Local Groups off the slopes by helping organise social activities or fundraising events. Contact your nearest Local Group to ask what help they need most.
How can I join a Local Group?
To join a Local Group:
  • Check which Local Group is closest to you
  • For Local Groups in indoor snow centres:
    • If you have not skied with us before: you need to arrange an assessment with a Lead Instructor at one of our ski schools. Please phone 0845 521 9338 (charged at your local rate) or email lessons@disabilitysnowsport.org.uk
    • If you have skied with us before: you need to contact the Local Group Organiser directly
  • For Local Groups in outdoor ski slopes you need to contact the Local Group directly and seek further information.
  • You can then attend the monthly sessions.
    • Attendance at monthly sessions must be booked with the Local Group Organiser
    • If you are not a DSUK member, you will need to pay a £2.50 temporary membership (annual membership is mandatory after attending 3 times). When you become an annual member, the temporary membership fees will be deducted of your annual membership.
    • To become a member, check our membership page
When do the Local Groups meet?
Local Groups meet regularly each month.

For more information you can contact the Slope Organiser of your nearest Local Group directly.

Please be advised that the slope organisers, instructors and helpers are all volunteers who give up their personal time to run the Local Groups. Please be patient when contacting them as they may not be able to respond to you straight away.