Adaptive snowboarding 

As the skier’s and snowboarder's charity, Disability Snowsport UK aims to deliver to all adaptive snowsports enthusiasts and novices.

As adaptive snowsport requires specific knowledge about disabilities and adaptive equipment, all of our instructors have to be suitably qualified through the BASI Adaptive programme to ensure they have the required skill sets to teach to the highest standard.

In recent years we have worked with BASI to develop an adaptive snowboarding course.  We now have qualified instructors available for lessons in some centres and in addition we have adaptive skiing instructors, who can either teach snowboarding or can work with snowboard instructors at the local snow centres. Now anyone who wants to give snowboarding a try can.

We work with clients who need a little more attention because of learning or behavioural issues, we can deliver lessons to those who can stand/ walk and who want to try snowboarding, or who find that their balance may be better on the one platform of a snowboard. Amputees using prosthetic limbs are ideal snowboarders. With snowboard boots rather more flexible than ski boots a client with a prosthetic or restricted foot movement may find that easier. All of these clients have all progressed from trying snowboarding for the first time to being able to snowboard with confidence.

At the moment we are not able to offer snowboarding to wheelchair users, although we are watching the development of a 'sit-snowboard' in Holland with interest.

DSUK at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

We have a dual qualified adaptive snowboard/ski instructor, James Sterry, who is generally available during the week and alternate weekend as well as some evenings. In case of need we can also utilise the snowboard team at The Snow Centre accompanied by one of our DSUK ski team.  

DSUK at Snow Factor, Braehead

Gill Wilson is qualified as both an adaptive ski and adaptive snowboard instructor, with loads of experience working in Scotland and the USA with a wide range of skiers and snowboarders.  She is available weekdays and weekends - please contact if you are looking to book a lesson at a particular time.

We encourage adaptive snowboarders and anyone wishing to learn adaptive snowboarding to contact our central office to discuss lesson options throughout the UK. You can email or phone at 0845 521 9338.

For more information about para-snowboard racing, please visit Para-snowboard - World Snowboard Federation