Elliot Smith's Fundraising Blind Run

Elliot and his running partner successfully completed Alpe d'Huez Tour De France route blindfolded!

A great big thank you to Elliot Smith for his fantastic fundraising effort for DSUK!

They finished with an amazing time of 1 hour 48 minutes and 15 seconds which was quicker than Elliot was able to achieve on a race bicycle!
The following is a personal statement from Elliot after his run:

"Since starting work in the mountains I have realised a real sense of appreciation for my sight as every day I see some of the most amazing views you could imagine. Also practising running blind has made me realise how hard life must be for a blind person, I count myself lucky that after the run I was able to take my blindfold off. I now have so much more respect for the partially sighted, and I have no idea how someone could have the confidence to ski down a mountain blindfolded! I hope this small donation may go towards gaining someone a little more confidence towards blind skiing and send someone less fortunate than myself on to enjoy the sport as much as I do."

Well done Elliot and thank you again for choosing to support us!