Crystal Winter Games

Crystal Ski Breaks the Ice with Disability Snowsport UK

With less than a month until PyeongChang, the Winter Games are firmly on everyone’s minds. From which British athletes to root for, to trying out the snowsports for yourself, Crystal Ski and Disability Snowsport UK have you covered.

A new site produced by winter holiday provider, Crystal Ski, looks at this year’s Winter Games hopefuls, the predicted ones to watch and - in particular - how to get involved yourself with a variety of snow sports to try. Covering eleven regions of the UK, the piece reveals those that have produced the highest amount of athletes, as well as recommending local clubs and centres to get involved with the sports.

As one of the standout organisations, Disability Snowsport are highly recommended as a local hotspot to get involved with para alpine skiing if the games inspired you to try it out.

Perhaps the most inspiring benefit of Disability Snowsport UK is their commitment to making it possible everyone to enjoy snowsports, including those with disabilities. Working for more than 30 years to provide the joy or skiing to disabled people, the organisation prides themselves on providing adaptive equipment and specialist support to members.

Facilitating snowsports up and down the country, Disability Snowsport offers a variety of lessons tailored to your choice of group size including individual lessons, private lessons for two people and shared lessons if you prefer to learn in a group.

Determined to provide lessons to suit everyone, Disability Snowsport states their mission to “make sure that anyone with a disability, may it be learning, sensory or physical can ski or snowboard alongside other people”, proving that you don’t have to be the next medalist to be warmly welcomed to the slope.

Alongside the snowsports lessons, Disability Snowsport also provides other platforms and methods to include the less abled within snowsports. One example is the local groups run by friendly volunteers that provides the scope for recreational adaptive skiing. There’s also the DSUK Race League allowing everyone to get involved with races as well as activity weeks and trips.

Check out the piece from Crystal Ski here:
To learn more about Disability Snowsport, please visit our About page. Alternatively, if you have any enquiries or would like to make a booking, find out how to get in touch.