Your Own Event

We rely on people like you otherwise we wouldn’t be able to fund the services we provide for people with disabilities.
Giving up a small amount of your time to raise money for Disability Snowsport UK can be extremely rewarding.  You will feel a real sense of achievement helping people with disabilities to enhance their lives.  It is not only rewarding but also a way to have fun!

In this section, we have got lots of fundraising ideas for you and advice on how to get the most out of your fundraising event.  Please remember, it doesn’t matter how much you raise, lots of people raising small amounts can change people’s lives.
DSUK’s most popular ways of fundraising
Make a million friends campaign - encourage friends, family and colleagues to donate £1 to become a friend of DSUK. Click here to find out more

Donate old clothes, sheets, towels etc to DSUK clothes bank.

One for the men – get your head shaved or a waxing on the go.

Ask your local supermarket if you can do bag packing for customers, it’s a proven way to raise lots of money and can meet new people too!

Have a charity day in work i.e. dress down day or cake sale

Recycle hardware such as computers to SHP Recycling. Click here to find out more

Or choose your own fundraising event but please keep us updated with all your progress by emailing

Corporate Support
Remember to ask your work, as some companies may give a one off donation or they may even have a matched-giving scheme.  Whereby companies match the amount of money you have raised.
Your work may require a letter from DSUK in order to receive this, if so please contact and they can send you all the information required.

Once you have finished collecting your funds send it all together along with your sponsorship form to:
Disability Snowsport UK
Glenmore Lodge Grounds
PH22 1QU
Cheques are made payable to “Disability Snowsport UK”

Don't forget to thank everyone who sponsored you or helped out.
How to maximise funds raised
To ensure you maximise your fundraising please contact the fundraising department at: who will be able to either email or post you one of our sponsorship forms.  You can also consider setting up a justgiving page at or virgin page at  - this is a very popular way of fundraising as can be done with ease and add Gift Aid to their sponsorship. If you require help with setting up an online fundraising page please contact the fundraising office.

Gift Aid is a great way to earn extra funds without doing anything.  Every £1 people sponsor you, we can claim an extra 25p back from the Government.  So encourage everyone who sponsors you to add Gift Aid as this can add a substantial amount onto your fundraising.
Planning the Event
When – Choose a date that is best for you and try to avoid any competition that may affect your fundraising event.

Where – Choose a venue that is in the correct location and size for what you plan to do.

Budgeting – Forecast how much you plan to spend, marketing etc and possibly look for donations or company sponsorship.

Publicity – Depending on the event, do people need to be invited, notified etc?  Would you like t-shirts from DSUK, charity cans etc? Do you require any information on DSUK?

Helpers- Do you require any volunteers to help you.

After event – remember to thank everyone who has helped.

Keeping it Legal
We really appreciate all our fundraisers efforts and we would like to ensure that anyone fundraising is adhering to the law.

If you are planning a coffee morning or cake sale please take into account Food Hygiene.
Collections – if you are doing public collections please ensure you have full permission by the Local Authority; however before you do this please contact the fundraising office.
Private collections i.e. supermarket collections do not need permission by Local Authority however supermarket must have given full consent.

Most importantly please contact the fundraising department for any ideas or materials to help with your fundraising.

Fundraising Department Contact Details:
Opening Hours:
Mon-Friday: 9.30am-4.30pm
01479 861 272