Leave a Legacy

Do you want to help us continue our work after you have gone?
Why should I have a Will?
There are sensible reasons why you should have a Will, and keep it up to date.  Without a Will, you can’t be sure what will happen to your property and possessions. A Will lets you leave clear guidance, saving your grieving loved ones from having to sort things out themselves, as well as allowing you to provide for them. Simply put, it allows you to be in control and express your wishes.
What will my legacy be used for?
A legacy to DSUK would enable us to continue our work in the future and could go towards developing a particular programme, or purchasing a much needed piece of ski equipment.  You would be allowing many people with a disability to enjoy skiing for years to come, and all the benefits that come with that.
Gifts In Memoriam
If you have lost a friend or relative, a donation to DSUK is a way of paying tribute to their memory and offers an alternative to flowers.  Funeral Directors often help by collecting and forwarding such donations to us, but you can also send them directly to our fundraising office if you prefer.

We would be extremely grateful to receive the proceeds of your collection.

Simply make your cheque payable to Disability Snowsport UK and send it to Disability Snowsport UK, Glenmore Lodge Grounds, Aviemore PH22 1QU.
How can I help DSUK through my Will?

Having a Will can also be your opportunity to make a lasting difference by leaving something to charity. There are many different ways you can help DSUK through your Will, such as by leaving a specific amount of money or specific gift (such as an antique or shares), or a percentage of your estate.

Our advice would be to consult a solicitor who will write or change your Will and give you advice on what type of legacy you may leave. 

We very much appreciate your support, and would love to know if you are planning to leave us a legacy: being informed of information such as this helps us even further by allowing us to plan for the future.

What do I need to do?
If you want to leave a legacy to Disability Snowsport UK, you will need to have it written into your Will. If you already have a Will, this can be done simply by a solicitor adding an amendment. The amendment should state that your legacy is for Disability Snowsport UK (Uphill Ski Club) registered charity 287106.

If you do not have a Will, then the best thing to do is contact a solicitor. They will be able to help you plan out any provisions that you need to make, and advise you on the best way to leave a gift to DSUK.